Products & services


Custom Chatbot development

We design and deploy Chatbots tailored to your industry and requirements, across your website, social media, and messaging platforms,


Website design

We design customized professional, effective &  appealling websites. 

What we do - Get to know the process


Kick-off meeting

Initial consultation to understand client needs and business goals. We evaluate the industry, business type and specific challenges the chatbot should address.


Design and Planning

Craft a detailed plan taking into account the scope, functionality and conversation flows of the chatbot. Define clear objectives for the chatbot, such as customer support, lead generation or task automation.


Develop the chatbot

Customize the design, voice, and personality of the chatbot to align with the client's brand.


Technical Integration

Based on customer requirements we integrate seamlessly chatbots into the communication channels.


Testing and Optimization

Conduct thorough testing to ensure the chatbot functions correctly and responds accurately.

Optimize conversation flows and responses to enhance user experience.


Team Training

Provide training to the client's team on how to manage and monitor chatbot interactions.

Teach how to make adjustments and updates based on changing needs.


Launch and initial monitoring

Go live with the chatbot and perform initial monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

Make adjustments based on initial user feedback and data analysis.


Ongoing Support

Offer technical support and assistance to address any issues or questions related to the chatbot.


Analysis and Continuous Improvement

Gather data and conduct analysis to evaluate the chatbot's impact on business objectives.


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